Setup Git to use WinMerge

To go along with my other post on Setting up Visual Studio Team Foundation Server to use WinMerge ( ), here's my Git config to do the same. I updated my user's config which I found by running the following on Post Git:

> git config --global --edit

Which was at C:\Users\<userName>\.gitconfig

       tool = winmerge
       prompt = false
[difftool "winmerge"]
       cmd = winmergeu.exe /e /u /wl /dl "$LOCAL" /dr "$REMOTE" "$LOCAL" "$REMOTE"
       tool = winmerge
       prompt = false
[mergetool "winmerge"]
       cmd = winmergeu.exe /e /u /wl /dl "$LOCAL" /dr "$REMOTE" "$LOCAL" "$REMOTE" -o "$MERGED"
       trustExitCode = true
       keepBackup = false

Or in case this text gets garbled at any point, here's a screenshot...