This Blog

This site is an outlet for me to rant about my interests (IT, music, health and fitness, etc.). But more than that, it's about addressing a point raised by Scott Hanselman[1]; that it is of key importance for someone in my profession to be sharing, archiving and expanding my learnings and opinions through blogging.

After years of talking about having a personal online presence beyond the confines of social media, I finally got this site off the ground. My first post talks about my struggle of getting to this point, the reason I went with a blog, and my selected solution (Ghost Blog).


I'm an IT professional living and working in Wellington, New Zealand. I moved here from Ireland in 2009 after coming to visit a friend while travelling. New Zealand gripped me with its stunning scenery and the multitude of outdoor activities available to enthusiasts of all skill levels. Wellington in particular is a small, vibrant city with all the benefits of a capital city, and moving here was a reasonably big change from Dublin without being completely disorientating.


I graduated from Computer Applications at Dublin City University in 2003 and have remained in information technology ever since. I enjoy many facets of IT, my main drivers being elliciting correct requirements, and desinging and delivering the best user-focused solution. My career has reflected this having spent several years overlapping the roles of business analyst, solution developer, and project and client manager. I have become increasingly interested in software process improvement and see my future directed towards coaching projects, whether they be delivered through traditional sequential, or lean agile principles and practises.


Outside of IT, I have a wide range of interests, as represented through the post tags on this blog. I particularly enjoy metal music and genre / horror / alternative film. I hold a lot of opinions, but don't often hold them strongly, so it will be interesting to see how my posts on this site transpire.


1. These posts by Scott Hanselman on why you should blog make for good food for thought: